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Joint Custody – 10 Tips for Coparenting with an Uncooperative Ex

Almost six years ago, when the father of my children and I divorced, we wholeheartedly agreed to share joint custody of our two children, who were 3 and 6 years old at that time. During our nine years of marriage, we had never argued about parenting philosophies or values. I saw no indication that parenting after divorce would be any different. So, with the help of lots of books and research, I set about creating a lovely best-case scenario of how it would be after the divorce: co-hosting birthday…

How To Fail As A Parent

Anyone who has kids is immediately besought by many questions, and the weight of responsibility may lie heavily upon your shoulders. The fact is, there are many, many ways to fail when it comes to parenting, but the good news is that there are also many ways to succeed. The definition of failure as a parent will depend on many factors, including your culture, your hopes for your children, and the circumstances you find yourself in. In other words, one parent's successes, such as Donald Trump having…

How Juice can be harmful to your baby

Fruit juice for babies -- it sounds healthy enough, doesn't it? Yet giving juice to your baby is not as beneficial as many parents believe. Health organisations worldwide, including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Food Standards Agency in the UK, recommend that babies receive no supplemental fluids during the first 6 months of life. This means no juice OR water -- breastmilk or formula alone are sufficient for your baby's needs. If you give juice to your baby before 6 months of age, you…
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How Can Working Mum’s Eat Their Cake & Eat It Too Without Burning Out.

To focus on the family and put them first is as natural to mothers as breathing. To not focus on the family is rarely a choice for any mum it is simply a way of life. Not long ago, bringing home the bacon was the fathers role but now working mothers are bringing home the bacon too. Today, 50% of the mothers in our country (with children living at home) are working full time and most experience the stress of trying to balance it all especially when it comes to parenting. Sound familiar? What's The…

The Step By Step Guide To Family Time

If you don't think you have enough family time, remember- creating time is a choice. I encourage you to choose wisely by following these six tips: 1. Discover the power of 15 minutes. You can find at least 15 minutes in your day to spend with your family. It might be cuddle time with your children, or time to read to them or speak with them, or take a walk with your partner, or cook a meal together. Those 15 minutes with you being fully present with your family really count.     2. Have…