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Here are some funny pregnancy announcements ideas...

Pregnancy Pilates & How It Helps

Healthy Pregnancy: Pilates Helps Expecting Mothers Most people think of Pilates as a new form of exercise because of its recent surge of popularity in the fitness and healthcare industry. In reality, Joseph Pilates invented about 80 years ago by. Pilates was a sickly child with asthma. To help fight his illness and build his strength, he experimented with various mind-body disciplines and later became an accomplished skier, diver, gymnast, and boxer. While in internment during WWI in England, he…

New baby, Blogging & Motherhood

For the mother of a new baby, blogging is likely to be the last thing on her mind. Taking care of an infant is an almost incredible amount of work, and between changing nappies and putting the final touches on the nursery, it seems unrealistic to imagine that there would be time left over for any mother to blog. However, a growing number of new mums are joining the blogosphere to share their experiences during this exciting time of life. There is a whole range of benefit that new mothers…