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Meditations for Moms

Meditations for Moms

By Katie O’Brien

I used to be one of those ladies who would set her alarm a half hour early just so I could get a jump start on my day by drinking my tea, meditating and reading an inspirational book. Then after a half hour to sometimes an hour, I’d go back upstairs get dressed, make breakfast and head off to work.

Then I had a kid.

Somehow my motivation to wake up 30 minutes earlier than the baby is zip, zero… none! Zen, inspiration and spiritual growth are nothing compared to scoring some extra zzz’s nowadays.

But that left the question, how do I fit in my meditations? Now that I’m a mom does that mean my spiritual growth comes to a standstill until baby goes to college?

Not exactly. I’ve remained flexible and found something that works for my new mom routine.

I shower at night. I confess, I’m one of those night-showerers. And I love it. Have been since I was a kid and is the ultimate wind down to a busy day. The house is quiet, baby is asleep, nothing left to do but jump into a steaming hot shower. Ahhhh I get relaxed just thinking about it!

However, when I got in the shower, I was finding myself running through all the to-dos and what needs to happen tomorrow that didn’t today. And what’s the weekend plans and ohh I have one more email to send out before I go to bed.

So I had to really force myself to stop it and get quiet. For my own sake. So in the shower I repeat my prayers over and over. Something along the lines of asking God to take over, relieve me of any difficulties, to help me release the need to control everything and everyone. I run through my gratitude list and I thank the Universe for my amazing life… (even on my bad-mood days). I find I feel a lot less shitty when I’m only thinking about what I’m grateful for instead of running through the reasons of why life sucks that day. 😉

My shower is my sort of wind down and prayer time for myself. Then as I crawl into bed that begins my new mom mediation practice. I, first, turn my phone to Airplane mode, which makes it a little harder to get distracted from incoming texts, emails or Facebook notifications.

Next, I open up my Meditation app that has beautiful nature sounds and soothing instrumental music. I close my eyes and I focus on the sounds of the music. This is my time to allow my mind to get quiet, my heart to open and some days… yes… I zonk out way before the music stops playing. But other days when the timer is up, the music slowly stops and I open my eyes to pure relaxation. The house is still quiet and I feel a sense of serenity overcome my body. It’s magical and empowering. It’s the benefit of a regular meditation practice.

When life gets so LOUD during the day, it’s helpful to allow our bodies to return to the natural serenity in the evenings and meditation is a great tool for that.

Here are a few GREAT resources for moms looking to find their new meditation routine:

    • Apps: They’re always with you and there is a such a variety. My favorites are Relax & Rest by Meditation Oasis and Meditation Free by Relaxation Technologies Studio.


    • Podcasts: My absolute favorite is Meditation Oasis. They have such a variety and great for beginners or the most advanced.


    • Guided Meditation CDs: Guided meditations are helpful if you’re just starting out. A lot of people try sitting quietly and feel silly they’re not ‘doing’ anything. So sometimes being guided helps making doing ‘nothing’ a little easier.


  • Yoga: Great for those who want a little exercise on the side of their meditation.

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