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Frequently Asked Questions

Mum Meets Mum uses specially chosen criteria to match up local mums with similar interests, schedules, families, personalities, and social preferences. Mum Meets Mum users can schedule a playdate or coffee with one or more matches or socialise via the site until you feel comfortable with meeting up in person.
Ok, so you have signed up but now realise there aren't any matches in your area. With the site only still very new, we are hoping to build the membership numbers up as quickly as possible. We are working on spreading the word about Mum Meets Mum & until mums in your area join, you can still be social with the other mums on the site in the short term :)
Millions of people use the internet to connect with others & or meet up. Mum Meets Mum suggests that you use common sense & trust your intuition. Take your time getting to know other mums on line first , don't share too much personal information & if meeting up? A public place would most likely be suitable until you feel comfortable with the new found friendship.
No matter who you are, how many kids you have, or what your schedule looks like, you can meet mum friends who understand that sometimes getting together, even just for a quick cup of coffee, isn't always easy. And making friends as an adult is hard even before you add kids to the mix - a Mum Meets Mum account not only helps you meet local mums, but also saves you time. It works like a dating site, but with a twist. We match mums with potential mum friends without all the stress of chatting up mothers on the playground. Mum Meets Mum takes the stress out of "mum dating" because when you let us help you meet local mums, you only connect with the mums in your area who are open to making new friends.
Mum meets mum will not sell or pass on any of your personal information to a third party. This includes your name, email address or children's information.
From our mum's members area, you complete a profile about yourself. Our system will use those details to match you with a suitable mum in your area who shares similar interests and other factors. You can also search for mums based on your own criteria.
Absolutely, you can make your own group up and add it on this website for all other interested mum's to join. For that matter, anyone is welcome at forming a group, ie; Mum of Twins group, Single mum's group, Mum of teens group, New mum's group ......
Sure, if you don't have time to meet up in person, you can connect with other mums on here, enjoy online friendships and support.
Mum meets mum would love to help mums with their business. Submit your details to us for revue & we will take care of the listing for you. We are looking at helping mums spread the word on their sales or services & are happy to promote a business each week on mum meets mum.
Mum meets mum welcomes any Mummy Bloggers out there. Writing Blog Posts on other related websites is a great way to get ranked higher in the search engines plus it allows you to gain exposure to a new audience. The Blog post link will be submitted to our facebook page & also boosted with paid promotions that we run internally so you can expect to get quite a bit of exposure to your work. If you don't have a website & would just simply like to share your stories, & submit Blogs to mum meets mum - we welcome your contribution.
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