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About Us

Connecting with mums that you are actually compatible with is what Mum Meets Mum is all about.

Being a new mum can be stressful and lonely. MumMeetsMum.com can help you find other mums that you can relate to on both a friendship basis and with a similar parenting style to your own.

Lets face it, it can be hard to meet like-minded mums that live in your area. Perhaps you have recently moved, or you are first to have a baby in your circle of friends, who are still working, socialising and going out on the town. You are left feeling lonely and out of touch.

This website was developed to make your life easier.

I have been told stories of new mums, or mums that have relocated and find it hard to connect with other mums that have similar interests, careers, or age. Using our mummy search function, you can search for a mums that also share these same characteristics. Then you just request a friendship with them, and the ice is broken. Where you take it from there is up to you.

Connecting with someone you have gotten to know on MMM will make it so much easier when you actually meet, and take away the awkwardness. You can then concentrate on just having fun and enjoying the interactions.

Sometimes it can be awkward to get past the, “Hi, your baby is really cute & happy. How old is he?” conversation to something more meaningful.

Mum-Meets-Mum takes out the hard awkward moments and helps match you with another mum with similar interests, schedules, families, and personalities.

For example:

You are at your local playground and you notice a fun-looking mum with a child of a similar age across the park. She appears to be around the same age as you, and she's sipping a latte from the same coffee shop you visit each day. She has a gym bag in the bottom of the pram from the same gym that you go to. You think about approaching her to say hi, but before you know it, she's packing up to leave.

Opportunity lost.

Or for me , I quite often run along the beach with my baby in the pram and see other mums doing the same thing together in a group. I always find myself wondering - "if only I had someone to run with…" Not to mention the extra motivation when I'm looking for excuses not to exercise and lose that extra baby weight when I'm feeling tired.

There’s no doubt that us mums need friends too, for support, advice, and simply to share stories and feel like we are normal. And it's not just "me". Other mums are going through the same feelings and emotions.

You don't need to feel alone any more. Reach out and connect with a new mum friend here on Mum Meets Mum, and share the immense joy that comes from being that special person in your little one's life. You deserve to be the best mum you can be and still have a social life.